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Specialised courier services to South Africa from the US, UK and Hong Kong.
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About Us

After 20 years in the logistics industry and being inspired by woeful tales of items being lost via postal services or taking months to reach their South African destination, we envisioned a service that consisted of no weak links in the supply chain to SA and which was reliable and affordable to the average consumer.

In 2012 we delivered this service out of the UK. One of the main aims was to provide a dependable alternative to unreliable postal services into South Africa for expats wishing to send items back home to loved ones and friends. We were very successful in doing so and soon the service became popular with residents of South Africa who began to register with Postbox Courier to import goods from various retailers and suppliers in the UK and Europe.

In 2013, on the back of our UK success - and by popular demand - we extended our services and commissioned Postbox Courier USA. This equally enabled users in South Africa to take full advantage of the multitude of US based online retail shops and import goods, reassured with the knowledge that there was a more reliable and personal alternative service to the larger courier companies and postal services.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and personalised service has been the key to our growth. We have continued to adapt and adjust according to our customer’s needs and requirements. That’s why, in 2014, we launched our Hong Kong service; giving users even more options and opening doors to many more suppliers in the far east.

Constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer’s experience and satisfaction, we recognised there was no better way than with a local, trustworthy presence; so in 2015 we opened our South African Head Office, in Johannesburg with additional representation in Cape Town.

Postbox Courier's mission is to provide a personal, consistent and cost effective delivery system, opposing the conventional and costly courier alternative, as well as the erratic and second-rate postal service we have to deal with constantly. Our passion is reliability and by providing a secure platform to online shoppers, we can offer even the first-time user a stress-free experience.

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