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Specialised courier services to South Africa from the US, UK and Hong Kong.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some frequently asked questions below

Is Postbox Courier operating courier services during the global Covid19 situation?

What is a Personal Postbox?

What does it cost me to register with Postbox-Courier?

How do I Register with Postbox-Courier?

Where do I find my Postbox Addresses?

Can I combine several items from different suppliers?

When and how do I pay for the service?

How long will it take for my shipment to be delivered in South Africa?

Does the Postbox-Courier charge include South African Import duties & taxes?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the size of my package?

Are there any restrictions on what type of products can be shipped?

If I buy an item online, does it always have to be sent to my registered address in SA?

Can I get people to send items to me using my Postbox?

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